Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So I haven't been doing a very good job of updating like I should but I'm trying people! Work with me here! We have had a week full of milestones, which is so exciting! Braylon no longer has therapy once a week now, he now will go once a month. On the one day that I decide to stay home with Brielle ( she wasn't feeling well) he goes into therapy and does everything the therapist needs to see. Keep in mind that his therapist put him at 10 months for development a while back and we had been going every week since then. I was thinking maybe he was more interested in what mommy and daddy are doing than in showing off what he can do. Needless to say we are relieved to not have to load the kids up every Wednesday and truck it to therapy. He has also taken two steps, of course I missed the first one! Brielle is her usual high maintenance self these days. Her new thing is not wanting her clothes to get dirty when she eats ( total DIVA!) and clapping her hands at any and everything. She is becoming a total lap baby, which is not good for me when I need to fix lunch or actually go pee every now and then. The funniest part is she just figures there is no way you wouldn't want to hold her so she just gets in your lap and smiles as if she's doing you a favor! LOL Is this a sign of the things to come? How will we make it with two stubborn kids and equally stubborn parents?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

They loved finger painting!

We were super busy over the holidays and so much has happened. Braylon & Brielle are almost 15 months (13 months adjusted) for those that don't know 13m adjusted is how age is counted for premature babies. They were born two months early so their development is evaluated from their actual due date and not the date they were born. Anywho, we have hit a few milestones since our last post. Brielle now has a few words under her belt which include "baby" and bye bye" and I suppose we should count her shaking her head "no." Braylon has caught up with her developmentally and is now right where he should for his adjusted age. He has started to clap his hands, babbles and holds a conversation with his sister. What they're saying is a very good question. Christmas was great for them, Santa brought them lots of toys to help them learn ABC's and 123's.