Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sickies please leave us!

We're on day 7 of this monster that has invaded our house. Buying stock in Kleenex and Tylenol is sounding really good right now. On the bright side, the kids are feeling better and I have managed to avoid getting sick both times! Cameron wasn't so lucky on the other hand. The funny part is that Braylon gets so irritated with being sick that he figures it couldn't hurt to irritate Brielle as much as possible so that they're both cranky. Next year I'm thinking we'll stay home the whole winter......I'll be insane by spring but will have saved tons of money in kleenex, tylenol and gas from going to the doctor.

Friday, January 1, 2010

We're back!

We're back after a BUSY 2009! Braylon and Brielle are now 2 years old and are keeping us busy. We are definitely in the terrible twos but still loving every minute of it. They are both growing so fast and have totally different personalities, still cute as ever though!

Braylon has had a busy year with physical and speech therapy. He was diagnosed with SPD (sensory processing disorder) in the summer. He is doing well in therapy and doing new things everyday! His speech is still behind but he has a great speech therapist that he loves. He's a total boy that loves ESPN, football and wrestling (which helps his SPD) with daddy. His hobbies also include jumping in the bed and stealing Brielle's sippy cup.

Brielle has turned out to have more attitude than we anticipated. She knows exactly what she wants and when and how she wants it. She loves her brother, they're a little team. She loves taking her clothes off ( please let her grow out of this!) and practicing putting them back on . She's always manages to get Braylon to do the things she doesn't want to get in trouble for and rarely gets caught. She finally sits still to get her hair done and loves to look in the mirror when we're done. She is a total daddy's girl!

I'm sure 2010 will be just as busy for us but we are looking forward to it. They will hopefully be starting preschool in early spring and making tons of new friends. We hope to reach tons of milestones and to bring you guys along for the ride!