Friday, December 12, 2008

No Christmas tree this year.

With two busy bodies, this year a Christmas tree would be like self torture! As much as we would love to put up our big tree, let's just be realistic! We can't keep Brielle from climbing on top of the printer, pushing print and using all of the printing paper, do we even want to think about what she would do to a Christmas tree? Recently, they both realized, "Whoa! I'm not the only kid in this house and have become a little team, lol. We opted for a 32 inch fiber optic tree, which it seems they are were afraid to touch. At least it seemed that way before today and me having to pick it up for the 5th time. As I type they have knocked it over again, maybe they think its looks better that way? I'm not sure what they're talking about right now but if I'm right they are now in agreement that each time I pick it up, one of them needs to be there to knock it right back over.

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